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About us

Updated on 2021-10-13

About MADB Lab

MADB Lab is the website for more widely utilizing the data about Media arts (contemporary art and entertainment that include manga, animation, and games).MADB Lab not only provides the data set and SPARQL end points covering all the data released to the public in the Media Arts Database but also has ways to use them as posted. It is possible to use them freely. In addition, MADB Lab transmits the information, such as actual application examples, and carries out the events for utilizing data. Please be sure to utilize MADB Lab.


About this website


In principle, MADB Lab (; hereinafter the “Website”) is free to link to (not only the top page of the Website, links to individual information will be treated in the same way), unless a separate note is attached to information to limit or restrict links to the information. You do not need to inform us in advance about a link, but please pay attention to the following points:

  1. Clearly state that it is a link to MADB Lab.
  2. A link to MADB Lab must not be established in such a way that MADB Lab will be incorporated into another site. Please be sure to establish the link to open a new window.

If you use a logo when linking to the Website, you need to use the banner image below.

Size: 462 px × 145 px
Do not use the logo in a size smaller than the above to ensure the visibility of the logo.

  • You can use the banner only for the purpose of introducing MADB Lab. Use of the banner for any other purpose is prohibited. The link destination will be
  • Use the banner as is without modification. You cannot use part of the banner or overlay any letters or images upon the banner.
    Please let us know, from the Feedback form, about the website on which it is established.
  • The posting of the banner does not mean that the Agency for Cultural Affairs supports or endorses your website. By posting the link, you will not be granted any rights.
  • A link from any website falling under any of the following items is strictly prohibited. You may be required to delete the link.
    • A website that provides any content aimed at slandering the Website or a third party or damaging their credibility
    • A website that infringes or is likely to infringe intellectual property rights (including copyrights and trademark rights), privacy, portrait, or other rights of the Website or a third party
    • A website that provides any antisocial content
    • A website that does not abide by intellectual property rights
    • A website that provides any content in violation of laws and regulations or public order and morals
  • The Agency for Cultural Affairs will in no way be responsible for any complaints, claims for damages, or any other claims that your website may receive from a third party in connection with the link.


Copyrights or other rights to some content on the Website may be held by a third party (meaning persons other than the state). The Website as whole is also copyrighted as an editorial work and protected under the Copyright Act of Japan and international treaties. When using any content on the Website, please use it in line with the Terms of Use.


  1. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information published on the Website, the Agency for Cultural Affairs will in no way be responsible for any acts of users using the information on the Website.
  2. The service may be discontinued or suspended if any of the following items is found applicable:
    (1) When it is inevitable for maintenance or works by facilities or other similar causes
    (2) When it is inevitable for a failure of facilities or other similar causes
    (3) When suspension of the service is required by a related party
    (4) When there is or is likely to be a natural disaster, unusual incident, or other state of emergency

    In the event of discontinuation of the service, notice to such effect will be published or posted in advance on the Notifications page. However, in the case of suspension, the service may be suspended without notice. In those cases, we will bear no responsibility whatsoever for any damage caused by it.

  3. The operation of the Website may be suspended or interrupted in whole or in part without advance notice due to updating or maintenance of the Website, system failure, or any other reason. Any information, terms of utilization, or content of the Website may be subject to change or deletion without advance notice. Please be aware of this in advance.
  4. It is beyond our knowledge what information is provided on a third party’s website linked from or to the Website, and we do not bear any responsibility whatsoever regarding this.

Operating Environment

The Website recommends the following browsers so that the Website may be used safely and comfortably.

Latest version of Mozilla Firefox / Latest version of Google Chrome / Latest version of Safari / Latest version of Microsoft Edge

Terms of Use

The Website ( provides the information about the utilization and application of the Media Arts Database (Beta version) and the data set.
The user of the contents shall be deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Use.

1. Utilization of the contents of the Website

The information published on the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “contents”) is freely available to anyone in such a manner as reproduction, public transmission, and adaptation, including translations and transformations by following 1) to 6) mentioned below. Commercial use thereof is also possible.

1) Indication of the source

(i) When using the contents, please indicate the source. The way to indicate the source is as follows:
(Examples of indication of the source)
Source: the Agency for Cultural Affairs “MADB Lab” (

(ii) When using the contents by editing or processing them, please indicate that, separately from the source mentioned above, certain editing or processing has been carried out. In addition, the edited or processed information may not be published or used in such a manner as if the national government (or a ministry or agency) has created it.
(Examples of indication when using the contents by editing or processing them)
Create the information by processing the Agency for Cultural Affairs “MADB Lab” (

2) Please do not infringe the right of a third party.

(i) Certain contents contain such a case where a third party (which means a party other than the national government, and the same shall apply hereinafter) has the copyright or any other rights. With regard to the contents where a third party has the copyright or the contents where a third party has rights other than the copyright (example: portrait rights, publicity rights, etc. in photography), except for, among others, such contents as clearly indicated that they are already right-processed, please obtain permission to use from the said third party at the responsibility of the user.

(ii) While some contents, where a third party has the rights, directly or indirectly indicate or suggest through the indication of the source that a third party has the rights, other contents do not clearly specify or indicate the portion where a third party has the rights. When using the contents, please check it out at the responsibility of the user.

(iii) With regard to the contents obtained through the coordination by API (Application Programming Interface) with the external database, please follow the terms of utilization of the content supplier.

(iv) With regard to the information of the link destination, the utilization rules of each link destination shall apply.

(v) There are cases where even such contents in which a third party has the copyright may be used without the permission of the copyright owner as in the case of the quotations permitted under the Copyright Act.

3) Contents not subject to the application of the Terms of Use

Symbols, logos, and character designs that represent organizations and/or specific projects.

4) Applicable laws and agreement jurisdiction

The Terms of Use shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

With regard to the use of the contents under the Terms of Use and any dispute concerning the Terms of Use, the district court having jurisdiction over the location of the organization that has published the contents concerning the said dispute or the Terms of Use shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court in the first instance.

5) Disclaimer

(i) The national government shall not assume any responsibility for any act committed when the user uses the contents (including the download of the contents and the use of the edited or processed information).

(ii) Contents are subject to change, transfer, or deletion without notice.

6) Other

(i) The Terms of Use shall not restrict the use of the quotations permitted by the Copyright Act.

(ii) The Terms of Use were established on October 1, 2021. The Terms of Use conform to the Government of Japan Standard Terms of Use (Version 2.0). The Terms of Use may be revised in the future. When already using the contents based on the prior version of the Government of Japan Standard Terms of Use, such conditions shall continue to apply.

(iii) The Terms of Use are compatible with the Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 International (Conditions of utilization permission for copyrights set out in; hereinafter referred to as “CC BY”) and the contents to which the Terms of Use apply may also be used by following CC BY.

Privacy Policy

1.Basic Concepts

Information is collected on all users of the MADB Lab (, hereinafter “this Website ”) by the Agency of Cultural Affairs within the scope necessary for the smooth operation of the services (search functions, etc.) provided in this Website. Information collected is handled appropriately within the scope of the purposes of use.

2.Scope of Collected Information

(1) Information on IP addresses, etc., is automatically collected by this Website.

(2) We use Google Analytics for collection / analysis of access logs. Google Analytics collects log data without including information that can identify individuals. Collected log data is maintained according to the privacy policy of Google Inc.
Please refer to the link below for the privacy policy of Google Inc. for Google Analytics.
Google Analytics website
Google privacy policy

(3) We ask that you provide your name and email address when providing opinions relating to this Website. The sender’s address, phone number, etc., may be entered voluntarily. Furthermore, the sender’s name and email address will be displayed on the recipient’s side.

3.Purposes of Use

(1) Information gathered pursuant to 2-(1) is used as reference for the smooth operation of the services provided by this Website.

(2) Opinions, etc., gathered pursuant to 2-(2) shall be used as reference for the future operation of the website. For this reason, along with the forwarding of information to the Agency’s office in charge according to the content of the opinions, if outside of the Agency’s jurisdiction, the information may be forwarded to the administrative agency in charge. Furthermore, the sender’s name and email address will be used for the purpose of making contact to confirm the content of the opinion.

4.Limitations of Use and Provision

 The Agency of Cultural Affairs will not use information collected for purposes other than those in 3., or provide it to third parties, excluding in cases where there are requests for disclosure based on laws and ordinances, when there are illegal actions such as unauthorized access or intimidation, or for other special reasons. However, statistically-processed information on access to this Website and information on user attributes may be publicly disclosed.

5.Measures to Protect Safety

 The Agency of Cultural Affairs will put in place measures for the prevention of the leaking, loss or damage of information gathered, and otherwise for the appropriate management of information gathered.

6.Scope of Application

 This privacy policy applies only to this Website. The handling of information by related ministries, etc., is carried out under the responsibility of each individual organization.


The Agency of Cultural Affairs may revise this privacy policy as necessary.