An artist born in 1985, working at Tamagawa University since 2017 as a part-time instructor. After graduating from the Plastic Art and Mixed Media course of the School of Art & Design of the University of Tsukuba, he went on to complete the master’s program in fine arts at the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences of the University of Tsukuba. His work was selected for commendation by the judging committee in the art section (interactive) of the 11th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2008. He subsequently exhibited works at the Media Arts Festival Vienna (2009) and also at the Media Arts Festival Hamamatsu (2009). Other works were exhibited at Ars Erectronica Campas 2011: Seriously Playful / Play- fully Serious - University of Tsukuba, kunstunversitat (Linz, Austria) (2011), and 1st Tsukuba Media Arts Festival, Tsukuba Museum of Art Ibaraki (Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, 2015).

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