FUWA Ryozo

Born in 1968. Music writer. He has been working in commercial music research on TV theme songs, anime songs, tokusatsu (special effects) songs, theatrical accompaniment, CM music, etc. Mainly involved in planning, composition, and commentary for packaged products such as DVDs and CDs, and interviews with musicians. His works among others include Super Anime Songs Composer: WATANABE Chumei Complete Edition (writing cooperation / Tatsumi Publishing, 2019), Nihon Natsukashi Ani Son Taizen (Japan Nostalgic Anime Song Complete Edition) (writing cooperation / Tatsumi Publishing, 2018), CD MIZUKI Ichiro Rare Groove Tracks (original selection of music and interview with MIZUKI Ichiro / Nippon Columbia, 2016), and CD WATANABE Chumei Sotsuju Kinen (90th anniversary) CHUMEI 90SONGS (interview with WATANABE Chumei / Nippon Columbia, 2015), and the event “Mobile Police Patlabor the Movie” excellent sound screening session and KAWAI Kenji’s talk stage (moderator and commentator / 2019).

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